Top 5 Hacks to Improve your Drawing Skills

Hack #1: Tape
Use scotch tape on the edges of your paper to create a border 
This will create a nice frame or border for your sketch
Hack #2: Use more than one pencil
Have one pencil that is sharpened to a needle style point and one that is more dull. The sharp pencil will help when drawing even and clean lines and the dull pencil will help with shading
Hack #3: Rotate your pencil
By rotating your pencil you will be able to draw more even circles and shapes. This will prevent your lines from being different shades or levelsof thickness from one another. To simplify rotating your pencil helps one side of your pencil to not get more worn down than the other. Rotating your pencil will keep the lead from getting thin and dull on one side while the other side is sharp. Try rotating your pencil the next time you draw and you will see different results.
Hack #4:  Q-tip
By using a q-tip when shading, this will help to prevent the oils from your hands and figure from getting on your drawing. Use a q tip instead of your finger to prevent smudges and oily shading
Hack #5: use a cloth
A cloth can be used for shading or smudges your finished drawing. This allows you to shade more of your drawing much faster than a q tip. Although, a q tip is a great tool for shading small detailed areas of your drawing