Pencil Drawing VI- Equipment and Tips

Pencil Drawing VI- Equipment and Tips

One must have viewed lots of spectacular pencils drawing in shops, art galleries, and in homes. Those wonderful artworks must-have, now and then, inspired you to draw similar images. You can learn to make a wonderful piece of artwork by using pencils, which are recommended as an important medium of drawing for beginners. However, before drawing with charcoal or graphite pencil, one must be well acquainted with different types of pencils and tools, which are used for blending purposes.

There are a number of vital factors that need the utmost consideration of beginners like the selection of an appropriate background, deciding between smoothness and roughness, and also between charcoal and graphite pencil. Next is the selection of the texture of the drawing. Furthermore, one is also required to decide upon which parts of the drawing will be rough and which portions will be kept smooth. These considerations are important in order to improve the level of pencil drawing.

However, using any of the art mediums need little knowledge and much concentration on the object to be drawn. Charcoal pencils retain an asymmetrical shape and therefore, cannot aid one in giving a reflective appearance of photographs. To be more precise, these pencils can be effectively used for providing an absorbing look at the drawing.

One can use this type of pencil in drawing hair, nostril, lashes, fur and tree barks or the place where one require casting shadows. Graphite pencils can give a thoughtful look at the drawing. One can use it for giving the tone of the skin, shiny metals, glass, and other objects to which the artist intends to provide a gleaming look. Carbon pencils can also be used effectively for drawing images to add more taste to the image. Lastly, blending tools like chamois, stumps, facial tissues, felt pad and paper can be used appropriately so as to render an ultimate look to the image. Besides, one can also use other pencil drawing methods and techniques given at different places to improve drawing skills.

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