04 – PS – Cropping, Resizing, and Resolution

04 – PS – Cropping, Resizing, and Resolution

S1: Hello and welcome to the fourth tutorial in our Photoshop series. In this tutorial, we'll talk about how to crop and resize images, as well as explain what resolution is and how you can get it to work for you. Let's get started!

S2: With a Photoshop document open, you can see that I have the image ready to be manipulated. What we'll do today is show off how to crop parts of the image if you need some bits of it for your projects.

 S3: To crop, click on the crop image icon to the left, here. This is actually one of two ways we can crop the image as well, and I'll show the second in a moment.

S4: After you click it, like before, drag a selection out of what you want to crop the image to (cropping the image means you select those parts of the image and only those parts).

 S5: Then, when you're ready, right click, and select crop.

S6: The second way we can crop the image is to go back, select an area

with the selection tool, and click crop from the Image drop down menu.

 S7: Next, we'll go over how to resize an image. Resizing is a great way to get an image to a smaller or larger specified size for a client on a job, or a project you're working on.

First, have your image ready, then click the Image drop down menu. Click Image Size. From there, you can see we have a menu similar to our initial New Document window, where you can change the size of the image. If the little link icon is here, that means the image will keep its ratio as you change the size.

S8: Change the size to whatever you wish and it will do it for you after you press OK. Need something at 800 width? It'll change the size of the image to fit that width, and change the height accordingly.

S9: Lastly, I'll talk about resolution. As you can see on the Image size properties window, you can see here that the resolution is 72 pixels per inch.

That means the image itself will not be very large. If we change it to something like 300 pixels per inch, the image will be very large and this is a good way to get your image to scale up quickly for banners, or scale it down so that you can fit it inside a smaller file size.


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